Pioneers Teachers

Pioneers employs a communicative approach to teaching that is unique in Nablus. We believe in using strong, kind student management to build responsibility in our children. We spend an enormous amount of time identifying and training candidates with strong potential as teachers. PBS teachers are selected based primarily on potential. We do value experience but we also recognize that experience in a government, UNRWA school, or most ESL postings is not necessarily an asset.

We look for teachers with a willingness to adapt to our methods, a love of children, and a strong work ethic. Our teachers put in much more time than teachers at other schools and our children see the results of that hard work. The average PBS teacher works between 50-60 hours per week.

Starting several weeks before every school year, all Pioneers teachers receive training in how to:

Training continues throughout the year and includes:

We believe strongly in the idea that the best way to understand what is happening in a classroom is to go and look. Throughout the year our principal, vice principals, and grade level coordinators spend over 750 combined hours observing classes and working with teachers to make sure our students are getting the education best suited to their individual needs. We set extremely high standards for our teachers and work hard to help them meet those standards.

Acclimation of Foreign Teachers

PBS works extensively with our teachers to help them adapt, understand and value the local culture in Nablus. We value our foreign teachers for their dedication, kindness and willingness to sacrifice to help our children, but we are careful to make sure they understand that Nablus is not the culture they come from and that they need to respect that.