“Besides mastering English language skills our children have been exposed to multiple cultures and this has helped shaped their personality. We thank the international teachers for all their hard work on our children. When we compare our children with others in the community from different schools, it’s easy to tell the difference in how outgoing and fluent in English our children are.”

Manal Akkad

Mother of Dina and Amal Akkad – Grades 7 & 8

“With the school moving in the direction of preparing their students to take the SAT exams rather than the Tawjihi national exam, the international department will be the cornerstone of the success of our children academically. The teachers proved their ability to enable our children to master the English language, think critically, and discipline them like nobody can in other schools in Palestine.”

Abeer Azzoni

PTA member

Mother of Bana Azzouni – Grade 7

“I can’t imagine the school without the international teachers. They have impacted the performance of the students significantly. With their creative teaching methods, PBS students mastered the English language as if it were their first language.”

Majeda Arafat

Teacher, Grade 1

Mother of Ru'a and Tareq Arafat – Grades 3 & 2

“We want to express a special thanks to the international teachers, in particular, Mr. Sean Canavan who helped our girls receive a full scholarship at Pioneers. In the first year, our girls began speaking English fluently and the teachers also helped them develop personal skills and increase their self esteem. The international teachers love our students very much and work very hard with them. Even after they leave Pioneers, they still contact my daughters and make sure they are doing well at school. My daughters have built very strong relationship with the teachers and they love their teaching style. The girls say learning English is so much fun at school.”

Mother of Nagham, Rahaf, and Raghad Abu Rweis - Grades 7, 5, and 1

“I have three children that have attended Pioneers since the school was founded. Yara is in the 6th grade, Yazan in 5th, and Tala in 2nd grade. I would like to express a special thanks to Mr. Sean Canavan, the Head of English Department, and all the international teachers for how much they cared for my children. Mr. Sean gave my son Yazan free tutoring almost everyday after school because he believed with extra care, Yazan can succeed. Mr. Sean also helped me work on developing Yazan’s personality and increasing his confidence level. The way the internationals teach is new to all of us in Nablus. Our children love Mr. Sean and all of the international teachers very much.”

Mohammad Shaheen

Father of Yara, Yazan, and Tala - Grades 6, 5, & 2

Parents and Families

Pioneers Baccalaureate School is privileged to have a supportive community of amazing, committed parents and families. Whether by hand-making materials for their children's classrooms, cooking home-made meals for the teachers, organizing barbeques and other events, or raising money for the school (among many, many more), the families of our students constantly show their support for the school and its staff. We would not be the school we are today without them.


Our Parent-Teacher Association is actively involved in maintaining a close relationship between the school and the larger Nabulsi community, representing the interests of the students and their families to the school board, and organizing social events outside of school. Each semester, the PTA organizes a wildly-successful barbeque, where parents get a chance to catch up with each other and with the school staff while their children play.

PTA Members

Lana Khalaf - President

Hassan Titi - Vice President

Muna Nemer - Secretary General

Abeer Azzouni - Treasurer

Fida Masri - Member

Shaker Jaber - Member

Ala Hijawi - Member

A Welcoming Community

Part of what makes PBS such a unique place is the strong, vibrant community that develops among students, parents, teachers, and staff. Our large staff of foreign English teachers, spending a year in Nablus far from their family and friends, especially benefit from these close relationships. Students bring food and gifts on holidays and invite their teachers over for home-cooked food; parents host our whole staff of English teachers for elaborate three-course meals to show their appreciation; and fellow teachers and staff members -- many of whom have children at the school -- organize tours of historic places around Nablus and invite them to participate in Palestinian traditions, such as the annual olive harvest.

For the past few years, Ms. Omaya, who runs the school canteen and whose daughter is a current third-grader, has invited the foreign English staff to her house in the nearby village of Asira to help her family harvest olives, which are used to make everything from olive oil to soap. Check out some footage of last year's excursion below!