News and Events

8 June 2014

Summer Program in full swing!

Another warm welcome to our summer program team! The summer program has started and is already loads of fun! After a week of training, our new English teachers are doing great. We can't thank them enough for coming to Palestine to share in the PBS experience. A special thank-you to all the teachers who are making our summer program a success: Ms. Alessa, Ms. Aisha, Ms. Isobel, Mr. Tom, Ms. Danielle, Mr. Alex, Ms. Ellen, Mr. Khelil, Mr. Brendan, Mr. Matt, Mr. Ayman, Ms. Maha, and Ms. Gabby! Welcome!

4 June 2014

PalFest Field Trip

Even though school is out, our PBS family is still spending as much time together as possible. Mr. Carl and Ms. Chloe were kind enough to lead a 9th grade field trip to the PalFest Literature Festival on the night of 4 June with a group of students. The highlight of the trip was meeting and speaking with Susan Abulhawa, author of Mornings in Jenin, among other works. Being able to see that literature is alive and well in their home country was a great experience for all the kids who went!

29 May 2014

Last day of school!

We’re almost finished with exam week and we’re so sad to see you go! We had a wonderful school year full of challenges and successes. We’re so proud of all of our students, teachers, and staff – Pioneers wouldn’t exist without all of your hard work.

A few closing notes before we go. The summer reading camp for grades 1-6 will run from June 8th to July 18th. This camp will meet every day from 9:00 to 2:30 at the school. Students will attend English workshops, art classes, drama classes and more! Please call the main office if you wish to sign up.

The high school summer reading program for grades 7-10 will also run from June 8th to July 18th. Students in the high school reading program must attend summer reading sessions 3 days a week for an hour and a half each day. The schedule for this program should have been sent home, and will also be emailed to participating families. If you have not paid for the program, please come speak with the accounting office immediately! 7th to 10th graders not in the summer reading program still need to do their independent summer reading and project! Information for high school summer reading can be found at


20 May 2014

Bluegrass Visit

This past week we were lucky enough to host a workshop with our students on bluegrass music. The American Embassy came to bring us a live performance and teach us a bit about bluegrass. The band Sierra Hull was fun to watch and the music was new to a lot of our students. In the end, some of our own talented musicians were allowed to go and jam with the band!

17 May 2014

Awards Ceremony

The following are this year’s Pioneers award winners. These awards are for different categories established and voted on by the entire teaching staff. These students highlighted some of the main aspects of what it means to be a Pioneers student!

Pioneers Award: Jihad Jitan, Rawya Abu Rabie, Omar AbdelHaq, Layan Hmeidan

Academic Excellence Award: Alaa Salman

Academic Improvement Award: Seema Maqbool, Ro’a Arafat

Service Award: Nasser Sabri, Shahad Takrori

Spirit Award: Khaled Hawah, AbdalRahman Ghazzal

Exceptional Conduct Award: Noor Takrori, Qais Ghazzal

17 May 2014

Around the World

On the night of May 17th we were honored to host our first “Around the World” evening. This was a showcase of geography projects done by our 7th and 8th graders. Each student (or group of students) was assigned a country around the world, and worked to create a display to present at our open house. The displays were wonderful and many included food, traditional clothing, and music! Overall, we all learned a lot about different countries around the world and it was a very fun night!

17 May 2014

Art Exhibition

Our end of the year art show was recently erected in the multi-purpose room. This show highlights some of the best work that students in all grades have done throughout the year in Ms. Ashley’s art class or in art club. From photography to painting to sculpture there are amazing things to see in the multi-purpose room. Please come check it out! The display will be up until summer vacation.

28 April 2014

Summer Program

We’re gearing up for another fun Summer Program here at PBS! We’re currently hiring a full summer staff in order to help our kids learn and enjoy themselves throughout those hot, Nablusi summer months. The Summer Program will run from June 8th – July 18th, and will include English, art, sports, and more! Information for students who will be required to attend the Summer Program will be sent home at the end of April.

26 April 2014

Mark Your Calendar!

Our end of the year awards ceremony will be on Saturday, May 17th at 6:00pm. This ceremony will take place at school and will honor students who have distinguished themselves in terms of academics, behavior, extra-curriculars, etc. There will also be a barbeque and an end-of-year art show!

20 April 2014

Model UN Returns

It’s that time of year again! We are pleased to announce that we will be sending another delegation of students to the MMUN Conference in Geneva, Switzerland. These students are working hard to prepare position papers, country displays, and Palestinian cultural presentations in order to make the trip a success.

6 April 2014

American Consulate visit and donation

We were pleased to host the American Consulate on April 6th, 2014. The delegation came with a very large book donation of Arabic and English reading material. We were able to show the group our school, talk with them about our mission, and even have them read with some of our students. The school is incredibly thankful for this donation, and if any families are interested in checking out books please stop by the main office!

27 March 2014

Drama, Drama, Drama!

The drama kids have recently finished their production of the Jungle Book, by Rudyard Kipling. Starring in the production was 6th grader Adam Amad, playing the beloved Mowgli. Other key players included Amal Aqqad (Bagheera), and Omar Taher (Baloo). Parents, students, and community members all came out, and it was a wonderful show!

10 June 2013

Basketball Camp

Over the summer months about ten rising 7th grade boys and girls have met twice a week to learn the fundamentals of basketball. Through participation in different games and drills the students have honed a variety of skills, from the fundamentals of shooting, dribbling, and passing, to more advanced elements of basketball such as court spacing, defending passing lanes, and boxing out on rebounds. Practices are an hour and a half long, with the last 15-30 minutes dedicated to a half-court scrimmage. They are then welcome to stay after practice for up to an additional half hour to work on whatever part of their game they would like, or simply play more games and have fun with the game of basketball. The students enjoyed their experience so much that some elected to continue to meet and play basketball during Ramadan, after the official conclusion of the program.

10 June 2013

Six Students from Pioneers Baccalaureate School Participate in a Model United Nations Conference in Geneva

Six students from Pioneers Baccalaureate School recently had the opportunity to travel to Geneva, Switzerland to participate in a Model United Nations Conference. The students (Rawya AbuRabie, Khaled Abu Goush, Noor AlMaslamani, Dawoud Amad, Waleed Anabtawi, and Sami Kilani) performed very well at the conference after months of hard work and preparation.

Model United Nations is a forum for students from around the world to participate in a series of mock committees focused on solving real world issues. This conference, put on by the Montessori Model United Nations Organization, brought students from China, Norway, Belgium, France, Palestine, Canada, America, and Nigeria together for three days of intensive debate, collaboration, and policy development. Students at the conference act as ambassadors of a pre-assigned country, researching various issues for various UN committees. The conference is meant to help participants learn how the international community acts on topics such as peace and security, human rights, food and hunger, the environment, and globalization.

The students from Nablus, representing the country of Ethiopia, were standout participants at this year's conference. Though there are no prizes given in the Montessori Model United Nations, the Palestinian students demonstrated their enthusiasm and preparation throughout the conference - actively participating in debates, writing and sponsoring resolutions, and delivering speeches in front of the MUN General Assembly. The administrators of the event even suggested the Pioneers students take on higher leadership roles at future conferences.

The three-day conference also included a 'Cultural Night' meant to showcase the talents and traditions of the students' native countries. The Pioneers Baccalaureate School participants put on a dabka performance (choreographed by chaperone Hatem Hafi) and passed out sweets to the crowd.

If appropriate funds can be found, the school is looking forward to sending a larger delegation of students to such events in the future.