In 2006, a group of Nabulsi businessmen, lawyers, doctors, and academics came together in order to address problems affecting the future of their community. For this purpose, they formed the Future Pioneers Society, a non-profit independent organization with no religious or political affiliations.

Understanding that quality education is a crucial part of creating tomorrow's leaders, the Future Pioneers Society established the Pioneers Baccalaureate School in 2007. The school initially served grades 1-3 with a combined total of 90 students, and was the first school in Nablus to begin bringing foreign staff to teach English. Since then, we have expanded by one grade level each year. In the 2016-2017 academic year, Pioneers Baccalaureate School and the Montessori Kindergarten serve grades K-12 with a total of 667 students. The first class of 12th grade will graduate in May 2017.

General Information

Years in Operation: 10

Accreditation Status:

Student Population: 667

Local Teachers: 39

International Teachers: 23

First Graduating Class: May 2017