No matter what our students wish to become, art can play a significant role in developing skills that are necessary for success in the 21st century. In art classes at Pioneers, students participate in hands-on and design-based opportunities that encourage creativity and exploration. Art offers students the opportunity to set goals, identify alternative, evaluate, solve problems, imagine, work collaboratively, and apply self-discipline – all skills that are necessary in higher education and the workplace. The art curriculum at PBS seeks to develop critical thinking skills and provides alternative ways for children to communicate through producing meaningful works of art. An atmosphere of trust enables our students to question, to take risks, to collaborate, and to pursue individual interests. The art room is a place where students have the freedom to nurture their potential, as well as a place where their voices can be heard and listened to.


Paper Mache


Recycled Tires

Meet Ms. Ashley

Ashley Hayes is currently in her second year working as an art teacher at PBS, teaching grades 3-9. During this time, she has built the Pioneers art program from scratch, working tirelessly to develop creative, hands-on projects that encourage students to work with a variety of media as well as to explore themes that are meaningful to their lives. Read a close-up of Ashley's work at PBS, written by her alma mater, Nazareth College, where she majored in Art Education. Check out some of the art projects from this past year to the left.